Thursday, January 28, 2010


What do you usually eat when you crave a light snack?
Is it a sandwich? Crackers? Or sweets?

I have mentioned that I crave for sweets in my last blog.
Now I'd like to talk about miso, fermented soy bean paste.
Many of you have tried miso soup at local Japanese restaurants or even Yoshinoya if you happen to live in southern California.

When I get a little hungry, but don't crave for sweets, I make miso onigiri, rice ball.
To make it, you simply place some steamed rice on your wet hands and cup them to make it into triangle or ball shape and put some miso paste all around it.
It has less calorie than eating chocolate or cookies and tastes just great.
(Be careful putting too much paste)

I love foods so much! I guess I cannot stop talking about food...

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