Friday, June 19, 2009

Pottery Studio

This is the pottery studio of Taketoshi Ito's in Mashiko City, Tochigi Prefecture in Japan.  My uncle took this photo and I really like it.
It rains there a lot especially around this time.  I did not like it at all when I used to live there.  Your shoes would get soaked wet and they get worn out easily.  You want to protect all the paper works from water so you put umbrella on your bag, but not on yourself.  For some reason it smells like sewage in the city more in rainy day.
Now, I live in this nice dry weather and I really appreciate it, but sometimes I feel like walking in the rain.  It makes all shiny.  Trees and flowers look happier.
Well, you realize it when you lose it.

By the way, his works are amazing :)

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