Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tofu Ice Cream

It is getting hot every day and we crave for ice cream :)
I crave for this one ice cream from Kyoto.

When I visited Kyoto, I ran into an amazing tofu ice cream.
I had had tofu ice cream many times and even made one before, but this one was exquisite!
The texture was really smooth and creamy, but light.
You don't feel like you are eating a lot of fat. You feel healthy.
I wish I could obtain the recipe. I would open a store in an instant!
The most unique part of the ice cream is that it does not fall when you put it upside down!!!
How does that work?
I just don't know.
The guy who invented this said it was a secret recipe...
Here's the photo I took of the ice cream I ordered and Tofu ice cream man.

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