Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was at a supermarket and saw a few people coughing.
In Japan, we wear a mask when it's really dry or you feel like you are catching cold.
I think it is because it is more condensed with population and people are so close to each other everywhere.
We not only try to avoid getting sick, but try not to spread the virus you have.
It is a courtesy and that is something everyone does there.

My mother of course was wearing one when she felt sick.
That was just a few weeks after we just moved here.
Yes, she was wearing it in California.
People were staring at her as if she was doing something weird.
She was wondering for a while why people were looking at her strangely.


  1. oh my god!! i think in america we should do the same!! I hate being sick and being around other people. I feel bad! So I will call out of work or not go to rehearsal if im sick. Yet people her get ANGRY when you do that. Even my best friend got angry with me for missing a couple rehearsals, but i was really sick! maybe i should start wearing a mask haha

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, it really helps not to catch cold or spread it. It looks kind of funny when a lot of people wearing it in public transportation...